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CONTACT USSCHEDULE ONLINEDuring these tough economic times many of us are trying to save money by reducing our electrical bills. One way to do this is by ensuring that your home has adequate insulation.  Insulation can greatly reduce the amount of energy that you have to use to cool or heat your home. The price of insulation can seem like a huge expense up front, but in the end it always pays off to have your home adequately insulated. Blown-in insulation is one type of insulation available for your home.


There are different types of blown-in insulation that are available such as fiberglass, cellulose and foam. Each type has its own benefits, but overall there are different benefits for choosing a blown-in insulation rather than a roll out or foam board insulation.

Insulation is easy

Installation of blown in insulation can be fast and easy. All you need is one person to feed a hopper and one person to actually direct the hose in the area that the insulation is being installed. Generally if you purchase a certain amount of insulation from your home improvement store they rent you the machine that you need for free. This is a great way to install insulation because you do not have to climb into the attic with all of the materials. They are loaded into the machine below and the hose is the only part that has to be brought into the place of installation.

Adjustable amounts of coverage

You can blow your insulation in as thick or as thin as you want. You have complete control over how thick you want the insulation to be.

Cleaner product

Blown in insulation uses clean products so there are less chances for allergies from the insulation.

Tighter fits

Since the blown in insulation can fit in all of the tiny cracks that exist, you get a much tighter fit. This in turn creates a more insulated result and lessens the air leaks that might occur with rolled out insulation.

No settling

Nowadays, Blown-in-insulation is made up of recycled paper that can be blown in at high density. This helps keep the insulation naturally settle around wiring, framing members and other building components. This will allow the insulation to fill void spaces and create a continuous insulating blanket.


Blown in insulation has its advantages over batting insulation, but be sure to consider your project to decide which type of insulation is best for you to use. This summer, don’t let an under-insulated attic drain your home of money and cool air. Just 15.5 inches of Owens Corning’s new AttiCat™ Expanding Blown-In PINK FIBERGLAS™ Insulation can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs.*


Fiber glass insulation is non-combustible and non-corrosive by nature, which means that it will never settle or lose its energy-saving abilities. In addition, AttiCat™ Insulation provides up to an amazing R-49 value rating – the recommended attic R-value rating for the Florida climate zone is R19 to R30.


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