“Dear Sir,

I realize that in today’s work environment, people tend to overlook the efforts of others that help in times of need. A power surge took out my A.C. unit…
Was I upset? YES. But worried? NO. Why? Because I am a customer of Brown Heating and Cooling.


Not only did you send a gentleman on Tuesday to check out my unit, but you also made provisions to have a crew out the next day (to replace the damaged equipment) to make sure my old English Sheepdog, ODIE had his cool back.


I want to express my personal “Thank you” to Joe and Justin, the AC Service Technicians who came to my rescue on Wednesday to install both a new outdoor unit and air handler. They had a very large installation job to do, and they worked very hard and diligently to ensure that my house would once again be cool! Their exemplary efforts showed forth as they were moving “faster than a Road Runner” ..up ladders, down ladders etc., to make sure all fittings and connections were perfect.


You should be very proud of your entire office organization, as they ALL exhibit total professionalism and dedication to the job.


Once again, a big “THANK YOU” to everyone at Brown Heating and Cooling…YOU ARE THE BEST!”


Patty Maxa