Brown Heating & Cooling Inc is an HVAC Contractor offering Air Conditioning Repair, HVAC Installation & Maintenance in Palmetto FL.

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CONTACT USSCHEDULE ONLINEWhen the weather gets a little warm in Palmetto, our level of comfort is affected. Ease the problem of hot, stuffy weather by introducing an air conditioner to your home. But how does one find a good air conditioner and then set it up? That’s what Brown Heating & Cooling Inc. is here for.


Brown Heating & Cooling Inc. offers professional services and sales concerning Palmetto heating and air conditioning. For both the warmer days and the colder nights, we arrange for heating and/or air conditioning systems to be installed in your home. You can also purchase from us. To know more, call us at (941) 722 9276.

Palmetto Heating and Air – Conditioning Services

Our Palmetto Heating and Air Conditioning Service can easily hook you up with a great system and keep you cool or warm for years to come. Take a look at what we can do for you below.


We offer efficient installation for Palmetto heating and Air conditioning units. Installing a heating and air conditioning system is complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have purchased an air conditioning unit, you can schedule an appointment with us to set it up for you. We are professionals whom you can trust; we have been installing AC units for hundreds of homes right here in Palmetto.


If you don’t own a heating and air conditioning system yet, rest assured you can rely on Brown Heating & Cooling Inc. to introduce a great quality air conditioner to your home in Palmetto. By letting us in on your search for the right air conditioner, you stand to gain from our experience of dealing with thousands of air conditioners.

Become a proud owner of efficient heating and conditioning unit!


Come to us if your heating and air conditioning system has stopped functioning. We will send our expert staff to find out what’s wrong, and then decide on the best course of action to take. Your home will soon be back to being as warm or cool as before. You can request a free estimate here.


Regular maintenance is not just helpful but crucial as well in extending the longevity of your investment. With regular maintenance, you will:

  • Extend your system’s lifespan
  • Make it run efficiently by keeping it in its optimum state
  • Lower your utility bills due to its efficiency
  • Prevent damage that could lead to unwanted repairs

Think of it this way. The healthier you keep your heating and air conditioning system, the less are its chances of visiting the hospital! Our staff at Brown Heating & Cooling Inc. is ever ready to perform maintenance services for Palmetto homeowners. Get in touch with us to know more about preventive maintenance.


Palmetto Heating and Air – Sales & Services

Having been in the industry for a more than 48 years, we know a good unit when we see one. That’s why at Brown Heating & Cooling Inc., you can purchase a good Palmetto air conditioning system or a heating unit that will do the job for years to come. We extend our knowledge about heating and air conditioning to homeowners in Palmetto so our customers can receive the best they can afford. Simply get in touch with us and tell us what your home is looking for!

Call (941) 722 9276 if your home in Palmetto needs reliable heating and air conditioning!

There’s reason why we have been in business for over 48 years! Be a part of our long list of satisfied customers by calling in today for our Palmetto Heating and Air Conditioning service. You will be entitled to free estimates. You can also fill up our online form to do the same. Always remember Brown Heating and Cooling in Palmetto, FL for all your air conditioning service needs.