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CONTACT USSCHEDULE ONLINEA lightning strike near your home can cause a power surge or power spike that can seriously damage all sorts of electrical equipment, including your air conditioner or heat pump. Most homeowners use surge protectors to protect sensitive equipment like computers, TVs, printers, DVD players and other consumer electronics but lightning can damage your air conditioner or heat pump requiring expensive air conditioner repairs.


A lightning strike is simply a very large electrical surge or spike.  A lightning strike does not have to strike your home to cause a surge.  In the right conditions, a lightning strike half a mile away can cause a destructive electrical surge.  Almost nothing can protect your heat pump or air conditioner against a direct strike, but fortunately direct strikes are extremely rare. More often a surge is caused by nearby lightning strike.


Lightning is not the only source of power surges.  Power interruptions caused by downed or shorted power lines and other sources also cause harmful power surges and power spikes.


You can protect you air conditioner or heat pump from power surges caused by lightning or any other source by having a surge protector installed. The surge protector will disconnect power to the air conditioner and protect it from the damaging effects of a power surge.


If your HVAC system or entire house is equipped with a surge protector and it is tripped by a lightning strike or other electrical surge, have your air conditioner inspected by a good HVAC technician to make sure it is in good operating condition before turning it back on.
Talk to an experienced HVAC contractor like Brown Heating & Cooling about how to protect your air conditioner or heat pump from power surges and spikes.