What is BROWN All About?

Brown Heating & Cooling Inc. is a Family owned and operated Heating & AC Cooling Repair, Maintenance and Installation company based in Palmetto Florida. We have been in business for the last 54 years. We have been providing all types of HVAC services in Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, Hillsborough Counties and surrounding counties since our establishment in 1967.

Dale Maxwell the Owner of Brown Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Palmetto's Heating & Cooling Experts

Serving Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough, and Pinellas Counties

Our factory trained and certified HVAC technicians are experts in the field. They are well-mannered and friendly, and can put smiles on all our customers’ faces. We work round the clock 24 hours a day to assist our clients with emergency HVAC services. We serve all, whoever is in need of heating and AC services, from installations to repair and maintenance, and everything in-between.

We offer the most technologically-advanced air conditioning and heating products. We are partners with Owens Corning – the insulation and energy efficiency experts. We work together to make our products energy efficient, so that our clients save a lot of money on energy and as well as utility bills. Our concern for the environment has also inspired us to do so.

Actively involved in the community and social welfare, we are more than just a business enterprise. We follow our motto – “Always improving, always evolving, for our Customers, Employees and Community.”

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A Message from the Owner

Dale Maxwell

My family and I have been blessed. In this economy, we are a very stable and grateful company. Like many small businesses, Brown Heating & Cooling has had to make sacrifices over the past years to keep and maintain the quality of our business. I attribute most of my success to four major factors.

I get my inspiration from my family. My wife Diane is a big part of the company and my daughter Danielle is a “Shining Star”, in the making. We are so very proud of her, and that’s why I do what I do.

Quality Employees

We drug test, background check, and only keep the best of the best.

An Established Company

We are one of the oldest companies in the area, here since 1967. Consumers want solid companies that will still be around to maintain and service their heating and A/C needs, long after their purchase. We are THAT company.

Community Service

We work hard to live up to our Mission statement, “Always improving, always evolving, for our customers, community and our employees. We sponsor non-profit organizations as well, such as “Little League” and “Feline Folks of Sun City”.

Quality Products, Knowledge, and Service

We give our customers the most value for their money. We diligently keep current with new advances in technology, as well as new government regulations. Brown Heating and Cooling is one of only three selected dealers in the area for air conditioning and heating units with the best warranty in the business. We carry the most reliable heating and cooling systems available, York is our Main product line, but we install, maintain, and service any brand on the market.