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AC Repair in Bradenton & Maint. Tips

AC Repair in Bradenton & Maint. Tips

AC repair in BradentonAC Repair in Bradenton and Maintenance Tips

The middle of summer is a terrible time to face a problem with central AC in Bradenton systems. Unfortunately, this is the most common time for such issues to surface. The frustration of paying for a repair is coupled with the discomfort of not having cool air circulating through your home. You may wonder if it’s possible to avoid such breakdowns. Our experts can provide AC repair in Bradenton and maintenance needs. Give us a call if you are ready to schedule an appointment.

Important AC Repair in Bradenton and Maintenance Tips

One of the most important steps you can take in an AC repair in Bradenton is scheduling an annual tune-up. Using daylight savings time as a guide, make sure that you have an HVAC professional optimize your system prior to the onset of summer heat. Our technicians provide a variety of checks and adjustments. Some of these include:

-Checking internal and external parts for cracks or other signs of damage

-Looking for leaky connections and loose fittings

-Adjusting moving parts and lubricating as necessary

-Recharging refrigerants

-Cleaning condenser coils

-Checking ducts for leaks, dirt and mold

-Checking thermostat battery and function

Our technicians can identify serious problems with your system, providing recommendations for repairs. They will optimize your equipment so that it operates in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Efficiency is improved, and the life of your unit can be extended. AC repair in Bradenton services can significantly reduce your vulnerability to a system malfunction. We can eliminate as much as 95 percent of repair needs through optimization. This improves your chances of making it through the summer comfortably.

Additional AC repair in Bradenton and maintenance tips include monitoring your system’s performance throughout the summer. You should always start the summer with a clean air filter. Check every month for dirt buildup, and replace a dirty filter right away. Too much dirt can reduce airflow. This impedes the efficiency of your system and stresses it. Take note of unusual sounds coming from your outdoor unit. Pay attention to inconsistent airflow. Bring persistent problems to our attention.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Running So Much?

If you find that your AC unit is running excessively, it’s wise to check your thermostat settings. Make sure that someone hasn’t inadvertently switched it from automatic to on. If your settings are correct, check your battery to be sure that it isn’t weak. A low battery can affect thermostat functions. If you are unable to correct the problem at your thermostat, give us a call to discuss the issue.

Storm and Heat Wave Problems

We tend to receive a lot of calls for service at the beginning of the summer. As people begin to use their air conditioning, they experience malfunctions that might have been avoided by scheduling a preventative maintenance tune up thus needed for an AC repair in Bradenton. Later in the summer months there can be more serious problems related to storms and high heat. It’s important to make sure that your home isn’t dangerously hot for family members. When you call for service, let us know about such issues. Make sure that your family is safe if this situation should arise.

Severe storms, especially hurricanes, can cause damage to equipment and an AC repair in Bradenton might be needed. High temperatures can place stress on your system as well. In either case, pay attention to your exterior unit, clearing away debris and taking note of physical damage. Schedule your repair as quickly as possible.

Can I Do a Tune-Up on My Own?

While it might seem economical to take a DIY approach to AC repair in Bradenton, you may do more harm than good in the process. This is particularly true if you are thinking about recharging your own refrigerant. There are many restrictions on the use and servicing of equipment that uses Freon for cooling. Most suppliers won’t sell the product to homeowners. If you don’t have an HVAC license, you probably won’t be able to obtain your own supply for your air conditioner. Puron isn’t a valid alternative to Freon. Your equipment must be serviced with the correct refrigerant. Our contractors provide affordable pricing on the service, and proper levels of refrigerant will make a big difference in the efficiency of your AC system.

What Should I Do if My AC Breaks Down Repeatedly?

If you are faced with many instances of equipment malfunctions, needing an AC repair in Bradenton, then you should begin to think about replacing your unit. Every homeowner needs to plan for this possibility. While equipment can last for a couple of decades, it will eventually require replacement. It’s helpful to realize that modern systems are more efficient than those produced as recently as a decade ago. This means that replacing your unit will provide an immediate improvement in energy use and cost reduction.

How Do I Decide on the Best Air Conditioner for My Home?

Our professionals can do a load calculation in order to determine what equipment will meet your household cooling demands. You may want to think about selecting a heat pump instead of an air conditioner as a heat pump will address both heating and cooling needs. We can help you evaluate the possibilities and the costs so that you are able to make the best decision.

We will help you examine systems that are eligible for energy tax credits as well. In some cases, the installation of a new system will enable you to quickly recover part of your investment. We can also help you explore air quality products that can improve the condition of your home environment. Give us a call to get started in evaluating the options.


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