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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair in Southwest Florida

Your air conditioner is vital to your home comfort. When it starts acting strangely, your risk of a breakdown spikes. Don’t wait until you have no AC — schedule service with a certified HVAC technician to address the problem!

At Brown Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we have the training and experience to fix your system quickly and get it right the first time. We proudly provide the best customer service and technical expertise to solve even the most difficult AC problems.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Southwest Florida

Air conditioners always seem to break down or malfunction on the hottest days. Going without AC in the Florida heat is uncomfortable and can even be dangerous, especially for children, elderly family members, and pets.

Brown provides emergency AC repair so you can get back to a comfortable home as soon as possible, but not every AC issue is considered an emergency. Issues like slowly rising energy bills can wait until it’s convenient for you to schedule service, while others need immediate attention, such as:

  • Your air conditioner is running, but the vents are blowing out warm air.
  • Your AC is gurgling, hissing, or making loud grinding noises.
  • Ice has formed on your HVAC system.
  • Liquid leaks from and/or forms a puddle around your air conditioner.
  • Your AC rapidly cycles on and off.
  • Running your air conditioner keeps tripping your circuit breaker.

The best way to reduce how often you need air conditioning repair is to have routine AC maintenance performed by factory-trained, certified technicians like the Brown Heating, Cooling and Plumbing team.

During your system tune-up, we’ll inspect components for small issues before they start to affect your system’s performance. Maintenance ensures your air conditioner lasts for its expected life span or beyond.

When you need reliable air conditioning maintenance or repair, call Brown at (941) 722-9276 or contact us online.

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When to Choose AC Repair vs. AC Replacement

Most air conditioners have a 10- to 15-year life span. If your HVAC system is 10 years or older, you should start planning and budgeting for an air conditioning replacement.

Older systems are less energy-efficient than modern units, and your system will only waste more power as it ages, costing you progressively more on your electric bill. And even though you’re spending more to keep it running, your AC may not be providing sufficient cooling to keep you comfortable.

Opting for an air conditioning installation becomes even more practical if it will be expensive to repair your old system. It’s better to invest the money you would spend on a failing system in a new system that will last for the next decade and beyond.

If you need an AC replacement, you need the right team to complete a quality installation to ensure the system will run at its best. Call Brown at (941) 722-9276 or contact us online for a free AC replacement estimate!

Call Brown for Fast Air Conditioning Repair in Southwest Florida

Brown Heating, Cooling and Plumbing has the comprehensive experience to provide AC repairs for any air conditioning brand.

For over 50 years, our family-owned and -operated business has proudly served Sun City, Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, Lakewood Ranch, and the surrounding areas.

We take the time to educate our customers, ensuring they understand the problem with their AC and the available service options before we start the work.

Call (941) 722-9276 or contact us online to restore your HVAC system to prime condition by making an appointment today!