HVAC Repair Palmetto: The Secrets Pt. 1

HVAC Repair Palmetto: The Secrets Pt. 1

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Ensuring Clean, Cold Air

Summer Comfort: At-home coziness starts with the air you breathe. In the summertime, your indoor air is especially important since it’s being circulated throughout your home by your AC system. After spending the day outdoors breathing fresh, summer air, the last thing you’ll want is a stale, dusty breeze at home. THVAC repair palmetto secret 1hat is why we give you HVAC repair palmetto secret #1.
The Secret #1 : Regular cleanings. That means not only changing the filter, but having a technician check for dirt and foreign objects in your system’s ductwork, as well. In the seasons before, allergens—such as mold—can build up only to later pollute your indoor summer air.


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