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Common Problems with Air Conditioning Units

Common Problems with Air Conditioning Units

During the summer season, you can’t help but rely on your air conditioning unit to provide your home with cool air. The summer heat can really be stressful, especially when you sweat even without doing anything. It gets worse if your air conditioning unit is broken.

While there maybe a truckload of AC problems that is causing your AC not to function properly, there are common ones that you should keep an eye on. When you call an AC technician to do the repairs, make sure that you talk to him about how to prevent the problem from happening again. Here are the most common AC problems you might encounter:

• Wiring problems: Faulty wiring is a very common problem and you will need the help of a professional AC technician with this. This is a problem that needs to be fixed right away because it is hazardous and dangerous.
• Lack of refrigerant: Refrigerant in AC units are referred to as Freon and this is the chemical responsible for cooling the air. While Freon needs to be reapplied every so often, you need to make sure that it isn’t a refrigerant leak that is causing your low refrigerant. If there is a leak, call an AC technician to fix the problem immediately.
• Broken Fan: This is a very serious problem. Your outside fan is responsible in getting outside air that the AC unit uses to transform into cool hair. If there is no proper heat transfer happening, the AC compressor can overheat. The worst thing that could happen is internal damage to the compressor.
• Frozen Coil: Do you have frozen inside coils? If you do, this will create problems with the airflow. The dirty air filters will be restricted to function properly, which in turn, will block the return air ductwork. Frozen coils are also a symptom of low refrigerant problems.

Given that you are not an AC expert, it will be difficult to pinpoint these problems all by yourself. This is the ultimate reason why homeowners are advised to have regular preventative AC maintenance so that problems can be detected right away during the routine maintenance tune ups.

Early detection is crucial in preventing the AC problem from getting worse, which in effect reduces the life span of your AC unit. Not to mention, it is crucial in preventing expensive repair bills, too. Just make sure you call on a professional AC technician to do the repairs.

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