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What Are The HVAC Trends In Manatee County?

What Are The HVAC Trends In Manatee County?

Top 3 Trends for the HVAC Industry in Manatee County hvac trendsThe HVAC industry is constantly evolving in Manatee county as the construction market continues to change. During the U.S. housing boom in the early 2000s, HVAC services soared to meet the skyrocketing demand. During the financial crisis that followed in 2008, HVAC slipped as the housing market crashed. Manatee county experienced this demand.

On the other hand, the worldwide push for green technologies has also dictated developments in the HVAC sector because consumers demand energy-efficient systems that relieve both the environment and their wallets. As a result, HVAC is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and innovative trade industries, happening also in Manatee county. Here are three specific trends poised to shape the HVAC field in 2015: 1. Interactive Technology Is Taking Over Technology is pushing the evolution of HVAC units, but it’s also changing the way we interact with them. In Manatee county, new user-friendly applications allow users to monitor and adjust their units anywhere, anytime. Some software is even able to learn your habits, automatically regulating temperature and making suggestions on how to reduce energy usage. Especially savvy units are even able to use motion sensors to track when you’re home, and adjust usage accordingly. You can even use the software to enter a monthly budget, and the unit will map out the best way to meet it.

In Manatee county, technology is also changing the way that HVAC companies and their technicians serve customers. As reported in a previous post, these applications allow companies to design custom systems on the fly, manage appointments and plot psychrometrics on the field, among many other things. These advancements in Manatee county and everywhere else in the nation, let HVAC technicians work more efficiently, permitting them to address customers’ specific needs.


2. Zero Energy Is Now Possible Over the past decade, the push for energy efficiency has led to many homes and businesses reducing their energy usage; this no different in Manatee county. Recently, however, corporations have taken it a step further by implementing zero energy systems, which produce an equal or greater amount of energy than they consume. explains that zero-energy buildings are popular among eco-conscious people who seek to sustain themselves while decreasing their carbon footprint at the same time.

For the most part, zero energy has been a niche reserved for only businesses with very deep pockets. However, zero energy systems are becoming more cost-effective and user friendly. Examples include solar-powered energy systems, white and solar-powered roofing, as well as geothermal cooling and heating systems. The growing popularity of this approach in HVAC means that zero energy is poised to continue booming in 2015, in Manatee county and elsewhere in the world.

3. DEVap Systems Are Booming DEVap (desiccant-enhanced evaporative air conditioner) Air Conditioning was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) specifically to reduce energy use and transform cooling processes. According to Business Insider, DEVap technology is able to reduce energy costs by 40% to 80%. DEVap is so energy-efficient because desiccant and evaporative cooler work together to create cold-dry air: the desiccant dries out the humid air while the evaporative cooler turns that dry air into cold air. Traditional air conditioners need to dehumidify first the air before cooling it, an energy-consuming process, particularly in humid areas. While it was originally developed for commercial buildings due to their immense need for temperature and humidity control, DEVAp is quickly becoming viable for small businesses and home owners who want to drastically reduce their electricity bill—which is to no small effect driven up by air conditioning. Those striving for energy-efficient cooling systems will undoubtedly turn to DEVap technology in the near future. As technologies and customers’ demands continue to evolve around the world and in Manatee county, HVAC technology will keep advancing and growing in new, unpredictable ways. We can be confident that 2015 is going to be a promising year for the HVAC industry. Manatee County Learns: Top Trends

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