Palmetto Heating & Cooling: The Secrets Pt. 2

Palmetto Heating & Cooling: The Secrets Pt. 2

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Keeping it Cool!

Summer Comfort in Palmetto: Like said before, summer comfort starts with the right home temperature. In Palmetto, to fully enjoy the seasonal heat, most people need relief – otherwise it’s overwhelming. If your AC isn’t reaching your ideal summer cool, then you’ll like be uncomfortable in your own home (let alone outdoors).

HVAC repair Palmetto Secret 2The Secret #2: In Palmetto, as well as anywhere else, annual coolant checks will ensure your unit produces arctic air all year round – especially in the summer here in Palmetto. Otherwise, if you maintain low coolant levels, your system will be forced to work harder to reach cool temps. Meaning: higher energy bills and lower levels of comfort. Stay tuned for the next Secrets Pt.3


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