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AC Maintenance, Why should I maintain my air conditioner?

AC Maintenance, Why should I maintain my air conditioner?

Air conditioners are designed to keep running for long periods of time, but like any other machine, they need a break. They may have the ability to withstand all sorts of abuse because they are proven to be really tough pieces of equipment, but without proper air conditioner maintenance, they cannot last five years without AC repair. Air conditioners lose about 5% of their original efficiency every year. A 12 SEER AC unit that you purchased a few years back can only have a SEER unit value of 9 today. This loss cannot be recovered through any of the AC repair services in town.

If we are willing to pay mechanics for routine maintenance of our cars, we should also be willing to pay AC repair technicians for regular air conditioner maintenance. Be it a standard air conditioner or a heat pump, both need annual service tune ups if we want to remain living in a comfortable temperature during the summer and winter seasons.

What should I expect during my annual AC maintenance?

Here is a brief checklist of the things that your AC repair man must do as part of AC maintenance:

  • Check coolant levels
  • Check that belts are adjusted
  • Check the amp draw of compressor
  • Clean the condensing unit coils
  • Oil the fan motors 
  • Check the operating pressures and temperature of the AC vis-a-vis its manufacturer’s specifications

Final Tips to Avoid AC Repair

There are three things that you should always have the time to do: invest on good filters and do not forget to change them regularly, protect the outside unit of your air conditioner from bushes and other foreign materials, and avoid closing supply air outlets in your house as it may cause harm to the overall AC system operation.

Even the most reliable equipment needs maintenance. What more our air conditioners which operate almost 24 hours a day. Take good care of them through proper air conditioner maintenance. With less energy efficiency loss, air conditioning units are less likely to break down, they last longer, and they will not surprise you with a huge electric bill.

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